The Farmers’ Town hall features key sessions across relevant topics for focus crops that include;

  • Good Agricultural Practices for optimum yield for focus crops
  • An innovative approach for pest and disease control for focus crops
  • Best Practices For Weed Management
  • Fertilizer Formulations and Best Practices for optimum yield
  • Best practices to achieve quality & standards for focus crops
  • Agricultural Insurance
  • Agric Financing initiatives, loans, and grants and how farmers can access

The Farmers’ Town hall also features an EXPO & exhibition session which is intended to achieve the following;

  • Expose farmers to the latest and improved seedlings for focus crops and where they can access the same
  • Expose farmers to the latest technologies and digital innovations to improve their access to information, advisory services, access to markets and also financial services
  • Expose farmers to the latest solutions and technologies to manage and control post-harvest loses for focus crops
  • Showcase latest farming equipment and technologies to farmers