About Us

The Farmers’ Town hall is an Agric extension platform that has been created to provide timely information to African farmers on good agricultural practices to boost farmers’ productivity and achieve improved produce quality & standards.

The Farmers’ Town Hall provides an annual platform for latest farming innovations, Good Agricultural Practices(GAP), information on quality seedling, technologies for post-harvest loss control and other relevant information to be passed on to farmers in time before every year’s farming season.

One of the biggest challenges militating against the development of Agriculture in Africa is the poor access to extension services and timely information by smallholder farmers.

The UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization recommends there should be one extension worker for every 400 farmers.

In the rich world, the ratio is roughly one to 200, but in Africa, it’s closer to one to 3,000. It is also reported to be as high as one to 6000 in most countries in sub-Sahara Africa.

The effect of smallholder farmers’ limited access to information and extension services in Africa can be mainly felt in the very low yield of crops per hectare of smallholder farmers in Africa when compared with those of other farmers across other regions.

More so, the ultimate effect is seen in the poor livelihood of African smallholder farmers who are the poorest when compared with farmers across other regions.

The annual Farmers’ Town hall, therefore, seeks to empower smallholder farmers in Africa by providing them with timely information and education across key topics that would help them improve their productivity and livelihoods.

The Farmers’ Town hall features key sessions across relevant topics for focus crops that include;

  • Good Agricultural Practices for optimum yield for focus crops
  • An innovative approach for pest and disease control for focus crops
  • Best Practices For Weed Management
  • Fertilizer Formulations and Best Practices for optimum yield
  • Best practices to achieve quality & standards for focus crops
  • Agricultural Insurance
  • Agric Financing initiatives, loans, and grants and how farmers can access

The Farmers’ Town hall also features an EXPO session which is intended to achieve the following;

  • Expose farmers to the latest and improved seedlings for focus crops and where they can access the same
  • Expose farmers to the latest technologies and digital innovations to improve their access to information, advisory services, access to markets and also financial services
  • Expose farmers to the latest solutions and technologies to manage and control post-harvest loses for focus crops
  • Showcase latest farming equipment and technologies to farmers